Acquisition and management of receivables

Alfa Credit ADSIC securitises receivables towards local persons which are not the subject-matter of legal proceedings and are not the target of enforcement actions.

The Company focuses on secured and non-secured receivables that have arisen as a result of:
·         Contracts concluded with individuals for consumer loans and credit cards;
·         Intercorporate claims;
·         Infrastructure and other projects.
Alfa Credit ADSIC is also interested in receivables under extended mortgage loans, telecommunication and utility services, as well as public sector receivables.
Due to its expertise, flexibility and innovative business model, Alfa Credit ADSIC is a preferred partner by the credit institutions within the country.
The business model is based on outsourcing the activities on managing the receivables to one or more servicing companies, having the necessary capacity and skills, whilst also offering:
- Well-balanced price;
- Efficient risk management methods;
- Transperancy and lawfulness;
- Regular and accurate reporting;
- Adequate compliance with ADSIC’s investment objectives.



 Милена Стоянова

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Диана Качорева
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